About Us

UAB "Bona electrica" activities are wholesale of electrical goods. UAB "Bona electrica" belongs to the associations "GS1 Lithuania" and "EEPA". 

Historical events:

On 15th of July 2017 company name was changed from UAB "Briugita" to UAB "Bona electrica" by shareholder’s decision.

On 4th of November 2015 "Asketa", UAB bought 100% share package of UAB "Briugita".

On 24th of November 2014 100% of share package of UAB "Briugita" was purchased by a private person Domas Š., Dalius Šerstobojevas was appointed as director of UAB "Briugita".

UAB "Briugita" is registered on 9th of October 2013 with authorized capital of 2896.00 EUR. 100% of share package is managed by private person V.R., N.R. was appointed as director.

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